Arandu mbarete

The Arandu Mbarete Program aims to improve the quality of education in the initial, first and second cycle of Basic Education (children aged 5 to 17) actively involving the educational community.
The program includes the following projects:
● Porave
● My school is having fun
● Healthy living and spaces
● Start my young life
● Participating makes me happy

The Project Porave is implemented in agreement with the Fundacion en Alianza, focusing on the quality of education through the teaching of reading and writing.

We organize attractive activities in schools to encourage attendance, learning and school retention. Some of these activities are: reading corners, classroom setting, dance workshops, music, sports and holiday colony.
We promote, especially among children, healthy habits and actions to take care of our natural resources by building playgrounds and implementing ecological programs.
We foster experiences of cooperation, team work and personal capacity development, orienting a life plan. The project includes activities such as: Olympics, Youth Safari and meetings of personal development and entrepreneurship.
We strengthen the child's links with his / her family, the educational community and the institutions guaranteeing their rights, working with School Cooperators, Grade Counselors and families. We seek to strengthen the system of protection of children and adolescents, as well as raising awareness of the society through campaigns.