There are other ways to help Dequení and contribute to the support of this work. Get to know them!

       Every year we join efforts to support our children at the beginning of school. You can help with a unique contribution in cash or by credit card. The campaign runs from
        October to March.  More.

        The delivery of school supplies at the beginning of classes for the classroom helps motivate and create a better educational environment. Collaborate by donating tools
        or cash. The fundraising campaign is conducted from February to March.

        Stimulation spaces need resources that help awaken skills in children from 1 to 5 years old. Collaborate with the donation of materials of early or effective stimulation.
        The fundraising campaign is from April to May.

        In some projects children from 1 to 5 years old receive a nutritional dairy supplement, key to ensure a good physical development. Collaborate with the donation of
        whole milk or cash. The fundraising campaign takes place during the month of June, coinciding with the World Dairy Day, held every June 1st.

        The recreational spaces we develop in schools help motivate attendance and improve children's learning. These spaces require materials that can be donated by
        companies or in cash.

       Each year, Dequeni children present a collection of Christmas cards that are a great way to greet and help the children of the Foundation. Support us in our Campaigns
        or make the order of cards through