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We believe that we can change the lives of many children with education, even more if we accompany them from their early years. Together we can do a lot!

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Frequent questions
Godparents are people who accompany us at all times, following closely the stages of growth and improvement of their godchild, sharing their achievements through a periodic communication from the foundation.
With a monthly contribution of Gs. 190,000, expand the opportunities of a boy or girl improving their education and creates a very special bond.
We fund our projects with the help of solidarity from people who share our mission and accompany our commitment to children. Among all, we can do a lot. Your help sums it up!
Our socio-educational impact plan 2017-2021, focuses on two strategic programs that seek to strengthen models for better education, Guata Ñepyrû (for the development of early childhood) and Arandu Mbarete (for school-age children).
We work focused on the following locations: Villeta, Ypané, Arroyos and Esteros, Caaguazú.
Our programs have annual goals, impact assessments and a flexible and modular structure. A baseline is made in each community to identify families in greatest need.
You will receive regular information about the work and the results we achieve through:
  • Our annual report, in digital or printed version.
  • Our electronic newsletter.
  • Letters you receive from your godchild or godchild (Godparents only)
You can also be informed through our website and social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube