For the last 30 years Dequeni has been working to protect and care for children in the most vulnerable conditions. Our activities began in the streets, playing and sharing with working children, bringing joy and love to those that had to work from a very young age to help sustain their families. 
In the following years we created our Open Centers, as spaces to welcome, protect and educate through non-formal activities: playing, drawing and dancing.
Years later, seen that we needed to help the families to help the kids, we started our Community Centers, as places where families could learn organization and management techniques to help them make a better living. 
Today our commitment reaches even the schools, helping to improve the quality of the formal education they receive, through our Centers of Action. 

Our Socio-educational Work Plan for 2017-2021 

From 2017, we are focusing our actions in two strategic programs: 1- The development of children in the phase of early childhood and, 2- The improvement of the quality of formal education. The focus of our work is in these four districts: Villeta, Ypané, Arroyos y Esteros and Caaguazú.
In Dequení we work in the schools forming education networks that become replicable models for the whole society. Our programs have annual goals, performance reviews and a flexible and modular structure. A baseline is made in each community to identify families in greatest need.
Our two strategic programs:


Our work comprehends:  

  • Motivating children to start and stay in school.
  • Collaborating with the National Comprehensive Development Plan for Early Childhood (MEC and SNNA), with the National Education Plan 2024 and the National Development Plan Paraguay (PND) 2030.
  • Focusing on early childhood development and improving the quality of education, both strategic goals of the 2013-2018 Government Education Agenda.
  • Coordinating actions between the educational oversight and schools from the Ministry of Education, at the local level.
  • Coordinating joint work with the public health services, civil registry, police station, defense, prosecution, municipalities, among others.
  • Working with families for child protection and development.
  • Expanding the capacities of Principals and Educators of the Schools.
  • Strengthening educational communities, school cooperative associations, school councils, and families.